Prof Hol Healthcare

 Dear Friends, Benefactors and Community,

It’s with great gratitude, considerable relief and much sadness that we have decided to release the non- profit entity called the Community Wellness Center back into the creative void where all ideas go to die. But please remember – all endings are new beginnings!

Ilana Trumbull-Stearns and I reached this decision based on multiple and increasingly severe challenges to our effectiveness as an organization.

Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, ALL of the practitioners that remain at this location UNANIMOUSLY agreed to continue renting here as Individual businesses. We will all set our own policies about rates and fees now so please stay in touch with your favorite practitioners directly! WE ARE STILL HERE DOING WHAT WE DO!!! (and co-operating better than ever before, I might add, now that we all have a PERSONAL stake in keeping the place open!)

Now that I’m on the other side of this, I can see how the non-profit form was a self-limiting structure that (for me) does not fit the revolutionary idea that I was trying to communicate through the vehicle of the CWC: “Generosity Heals.” If you give your innate talents in the service of all of life then everyone and everything prospers.  Personal prosperity comes from a sense of overflowing gratitude that who I am is a gift that supports the life and joy of everyone I meet. This worked for me and some of the other practitioners at the CWC.

But we were plagued with a pervasive poverty consciousness that manifested as people joining us, inspired by the idea that their services would be available to people of modest means, only to find themselves burdened with more rent and not enough clientele to jump start their own prosperity.  To make our mission possible we had to keep recruiting when people left the center, necessitating endless updates to our advertising media.  We kept the rent low to attract people which then resulted in no income for administration which meant no really effective advertising or outreach.  Coupled with some seemingly insurmountable Feng-Shui challenges about our location resulted in very slow growth in our public visibility.

The IDEA is not dead either.  Just going into chrysalis stage to metamorphose into a new form.  Based on the invaluable lessons we learned from this experiment and a period of exploring the already tried and true business models out there, it will emerge from hibernation at some undefined time in the future as something truly new: as different from a caterpillar as a butterfly.

Perhaps its name will be: Generosity Heals: “A Universal Wellness Center”

David Kitts